Technical Drawings, Structural Calculations & Building Regulations

Once planning consent has been granted you will be able to use the set of approved plans to seek estimates for the building work. An estimate is an educated guide to the cost of the works and not the same as a quote, which is an exact cost, for a quote you will usually require Technical Drawings.

Technical drawings are are a further, different set of plans specifying the construction method, structural requirements and material choices for the build. These are required by any builder and Building Inspector, on all but the simplest of schemes, for safe and successful completion of the build to Building Regulations standards.

The technical drawings also contain all the necessary information to acquire fixed quotes for the works from builders. Studio Arkell recommend meeting with and getting quotations from three or four building firms. It is as important to engage a builder who you feel comfortable with, as it is that they present a reasonable quote. If you are unsure of which builders to ask for quotes, Studio Arkell are able to recommend a number of local builders who we have previously worked with, and know to be thorough and professional.

For projects where structural calculations are required, for example, where supporting walls are being removed in part or in whole, Studio Arkell regularly work with and can recommend local Structural Engineers who will make the required calculations to specify which materials are required structurally to meet current building regulations. Equally, we are just as happy to work with Structural Engineers of your choosing. Studio Arkell then incorporate the structural information along with the rest of the technical detail in the Technical Drawings. Please note that any Structural Engineer appointed to do this work will have their own separate fees and fee structure.

Most building projects will need to be overseen by a registered Building Inspector to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and Standards. Each Local Authority has their own team of officers who you can engage to undertake the necessary inspections, alternatively there are also private firms that offer the same service. In either case there are fees to pay for this service.

If you would like to continue to work with Studio Arkell for the completion of your Technical Drawings, or would like to appoint us just for this stage of work, we are very happy to provide a no obligation Fixed Fee quote.

With these very detailed drawings in place, equally detailed costings can be drawn up in conjunction with your builder of choice, along with a Plan of Work.


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