Securing Planning

Studio Arkell can work with you for part or all of your project. Here you can see the planning stage of a typical residential project, and decide if you would like our help with this process.

Following the final design concept being agreed upon, Studio Arkell will issue a Fixed Fee* quote and Contract to you in respect of the Planning Stage.

Once the signed Contract engaging our services has been received, Studio Arkell will prepare a formal Planning Application with your agreed design. If you have already submitted a Pre-Planning Application, this will most likely take into account any observations and design amendments raised during that process.

A Planning Application can consist of many detailed drawings, documents, surveys and background information, as well as the application itself, for example: -


  • Location Maps
  • Site Plans
  • Building Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Elevation & Section Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Drainage, Bin, Parking, Cycle Plans
  • Sketches & Details


  • Design & Access Statement
  • Heritage Statement
  • Planning Statement


  • Environmental
  • Archaeological
  • Trees
  • Wildlife
  • Topographical

The Application:

  • Planning Application Form
  • Planning Application Payment

Often, if specialist knowledge is required for the preparation of a report necessary for the Planning Application, a consultant will be employed. Studio Arkell regularly works with a range of Planning Consultants, so will be able to recommend one, or equally are happy to work alongside a consultant of your own choosing. Specialist Consultants have their own fees and fee structures, and will invoice you separately to Studio Arkell.

Once Studio Arkell has prepared the application and had it agreed by you, we will submit it to the relevant Local Authority as a formal Planning Application on your behalf. Whilst the Application is in process, we will regularly monitor its progress and keep you updated.

Once your planning application has been submitted, the Planning Department will issue a letter of receipt including your Planning Reference Number, a Target Decision Date and advise which Planning Officer has been assigned to your case.

A planning decision is usually made within 8-12 weeks of receipt, which can vary from one Local Authority to the next. However, there is no guarantee that all Decision Dates are met, sometimes complications or extenuating circumstances can lengthen the decision period.

During the period leading up to the Decision Date, Studio Arkell will liaise with the Case Officer, and, if necessary, with your prior agreement, be able to make small amendments or additions to the application, to aid the likelihood of being granted approval.

By the time of the Decision Date, a Planning Notice should be received outlining whether the Application has been granted or refused Planning Permission. If granted there are sometimes Planning Conditions to be met, such as the use of particular materials in the build. If refused, there is usually an opportunity within a specified time frame to amend the plan and have it reconsidered under the same application.

Even if your application is refused planning permission, there will be a number of reasons given to explain why it failed to reach approval. If you wish to still pursue Planning Permission, you will need to address the issues in any subsequent application. If, however, you believe that the application was erroneously refused, there remains the Planning Appeals process to investigate.

*(Please note that additional costs would be incurred should you have a change of heart about the agreed design at this late stage once the planning application has been prepared or submitted, or if the planners require additional detailed drawings, documents or surveys outside of the application pack documents quoted for at this stage of work.)

Planning drawings example, plans of victorian terrace house
Planning drawings example, elevations of victorian terrace house


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