Project Liaison Throughout the Build

At Studio Arkell, our project involvement doesn't stop once the designs have been finalised – we keep in touch with all of our clients, offering support and advice at all stages of the building process.

Our highly skilled architect led team remain on hand to discuss all elements of the build, no matter how big or how small, and are only ever a phone call or email away. One of our primary aims is to ensure that clients always have access to all necessary support to successfully realise their vision.

It's easy to get in touch with us at Studio Arkell. Simply give us a call on 01202 232423 or fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you soon.

Architect Led Design Support Throughout Your Build Process

For us, architectural design is about more than providing a practical vision. It's about making you feel confident in your ability to carry the project through to the end.

Whether you're an individual client, builder, or property developer, we're proud to offer support at all stages, from Concept Design, through the Planning Consent and Technical Stages and onward.

By providing this ongoing support, we help see builds through as a team and are invested in making sure the project is built true to design and expectations.

Our team is available to offer anything from hands-on assistance to design tweaks, problem solving, and general support.

Professional Architectural Advice During the Build Stage

During the build stage of your project, Studio Arkell can also be appointed to work alongside you or your contractors to draw up highly detailed 'Plans of Work'. These can include everything from schematics for details such as electrics, plumbing, lighting and interior design, to bespoke cabinetry and landscaping.

The benefit of using these schematics is that they provide absolute clarity, ensure there's no room for error when it comes to entrusting contractors with the building's construction. At any stage of the process, contractors will be able to fully understand and fulfil your build as you intend it to be.

Studio Arkell will then continue to be available to liaise with either your own builder or one from our own portfolio of experienced contractors, giving advice and input throughout the build process as required.

Trust Studio Arkell for Support Throughout Your Build

At Studio Arkell, our ethos is simple – to create beautiful, considered architecture, approaching every task with a dedication to achieving excellence. This ethos applies to the project as a whole, not just our role in the architectural design phase.

By remaining on hand for support, advice and guidance, Studio Arkell strive to offer complete peace of mind. Our team help to relieve the stress and strain that any building project inevitably brings, by remaining an active member of the build process – on hand whenever you need us.

For help and guidance, or to find out more about our architectural services, please get in touch.

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