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ARB Architects Registration Board
Architect The planner, designer and overseer of built form. Architect is a legally protected title - qualified architects are listed by the ARB.
Architectural Assistant A partially qualified architect. A Part 1 has completed their studies to Undergraduate level. A Part 2 has completed their studies to Masters level.
Architectural Technician A draughtsperson specialising in Technical Drawings associated with Architecture.
Building Control The Local Authority office overseeing inspections and permissions to do with Building Regulations. This can be done through your local council or you can privately appoint an independent building control consultancy company.
Building Notice The notice given to the Local Building Control office at the commencement of building works.
Building Regulations A set of standards that all building works must comply to, which are checked at specific stages of build by Local Authority Building Inspectors.
Certificate of Lawfulness An application to the Local Planners to certify thet your proposal is Lawful under Permitted Development rights.
Chartered Architect A qualified and experienced architect approved and listed by RIBA.
Elevations Drawings of a particular face of a building.
Permitted Development Allowable alterations and additions within the parameters of the guidelines that do not require Planning Permission
Planning Application An application to the Local Planning Authority for consent to build the designs & plans submitted.
Planning Consent/Permission Approval of submitted plans granted by the Local Planning Committee. If granted generally you have 3 years to commence building. If denied you may appeal.
Planning Office The Local Authority office overseeing all planning applications and enquiries.
Plans Drawings of the footprint of a building.
Pre-Planning An application to the Local Planners to assess the likelihood whether your proposal will achieve planning consent. Not a guarantee but a guideline.
RIBA The Royal Institute of British Architects
Sections Drawings of a cross section of a building or part of a building or building material.
Specifications Drawings or written instructions of the standard of building method or building material required to be used in construction.
Structural Engineer An engineer who specialises in structural calculation and design in compliance with Building Regulations.
Technical Drawings Drawings by a professional such as an Architect with a Structural Engineer that specify build method and material to be compliant with Building Regulations, Planning Consent and sound construction.


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