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Soft Architecture

Material Research, 2018, CITA, KADK

Soft Architecture 

This research project was an introduction to the world of soft architecture through a series of 5 structures at an architectural scale. The textile was tensioned and shaped using glass fibre rods. 

The forms were developed through physical modelling and computational modelling iteratively, simulated using kangaroo. Finally, the surfaces were unfolded to create the cutting patterns for assembly. 


Reconfiguration of Arts & Crafts New Forest Home

Extension for Mid 1990’s Semi Detached Home

Fisherman's Hut

Christchurch Dorset 2020 

Quay View

Christchurch Dorset 2017

Boating Office Interiors

Christchurch Dorset 2019

Plexus Robotic Fabrication

Research Project 2017-2019

BEE.GIN Distillery

Upper Brook Street Manchester 2016

Millinery Fashion Show

Stockport Manchester 2015


Research Project 2018, CITA, KADK 

Soft Architecture

Material Research, 2018, CITA, KADK