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Research Project 2018, CITA, KADK 

Robotic Incremental Sheet Forming

In industry, robots are assigned repetitive, pre-programmed tasks for the lifetime of the machine. In contrast, Robotic fabrication in architecture exploits the potential of using robots in a constantly re-programmable tool, for bespoke, non-standard fabrication. 

Robotic incremental sheet forming (RISF) is a formative fabrication process in which mechanical forces are applied to a flat sheet to cause localised plastic deformation out of place, so as to form it into a desired 3D shape without the need for a diet. 

The work undertaken had three channels of interrogation: acoustic articulation, material behaviour and pattern generation. 

The materials tested were: 2mm aluminium, 2mm steel, 1.5mm square perforated steel, 1.5mm circle perforated steel and copper. 



Fisherman's Hut

Christchurch Dorset 2020 

Arts & Crafts House

New Forest 2019

Quay View

Christchurch Dorset 2017

Boating Office Interiors

Christchurch Dorset 2019

Plexus Robotic Fabrication

Research Project 2017-2019

BEE.GIN Distillery

Upper Brook Street Manchester 2016

Millinery Fashion Show

Stockport Manchester 2015


Research Project 2018, CITA, KADK 

Soft Architecture

Material Research, 2018, CITA, KADK