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BEE.GIN Distillery

Upper Brook Street Manchester 2016

BEE.GIN Distillery Concept Scheme

Formerly a Unitarian Church, the ruin has been re-generated and restored as a botanical garden, gin distillery and bar. BEE.GIN distillery explores and manipulates nature through the use of technology to create an immersive experience of nature within an urban environment. 

What is perceived to be beautiful and 'natural' today, is often sculpted by man, mimicking the terrain and conditions of nature. This scheme sculpts a landscape to create a synthetic nature generated from the patterning of a bacteria cell. The design engulfs and invades the Church ruin, mimicking the action of a bacteria cell. 


Reconfiguration of Arts & Crafts New Forest Home

Extension for Mid 1990’s Semi Detached Home

Fisherman's Hut

Christchurch Dorset 2020 

Quay View

Boating Office Interiors

Christchurch Dorset 2019

Plexus Robotic Fabrication

Research Project 2017-2019

BEE.GIN Distillery

Upper Brook Street Manchester 2016

Millinery Fashion Show

Stockport Manchester 2015


Research Project 2018, CITA, KADK 

Soft Architecture

Material Research, 2018, CITA, KADK