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Fee Structure

Studio Arkell works out it’s fees chargeable in one of three ways depending upon the size and type of project:

1. Fixed or Pre-Agreed Fees

This is our most common way of caluclating costs. After agreeing a clearly defined brief, Studio Arkell will provide a quote to reflect the agreed works. The work is generally split into defined stages; Feasbility, Planning or Building Regulations. 

50% of the proposed fee would be payable prior to commencement of work, with the balance being payable at the end of the agreed works.

2. Fees Charged as a Percentage of the Overall Project Cost

If you are engaging Studio Arkell for a whole or the majority of a Project, then the fees are likely to be calculated as a Percentage of the overall net cost of the project. 

All projects are assessed individually and therefore vary, but as a guide the chargeable percentage rate would be between 8-15% depending on the scale and complexity of the scheme.

The fee would be charged at monthly intervals over the term of the project.

3. Fees Charged on a ‘Time Spent’ Basis

If your project is a small one or you only require Studio Arkell’s services for a part of the build process e.g. Planning Consent, or you decide to appoint Studio Arkell on a task-by-task basis,  then it is likely that the fees would be chargeable on a ‘time spent’ basis, e.g. hourly or daily rates.

An estimate of the amount of time likely to be spent on a smaller project can be given in advance as a guide only for budgeting purposes, and any change to this guide would be discussed as it arose so that there are no nasty shocks!

50% of the proposed fee would be payable prior to commencement of work, with the balance being payable at the end of the project.


Studio Arkell will always raise an invoice for fees due, whether for a staged payment or on completion of a project. The terms of settlement of any invoice raised is within 10 working days. Late settlement will attract interest, cause delay to subsequent work due and potentially result in legal action being sough, something nobody wants to happen, so we respectfully request that all invoices are settled promptly please.


Studio Arkell is VAT registered, meaning that VAT will be charged on fees quoted and invoiced.


Reconfiguration of Arts & Crafts New Forest Home

Extension for Mid 1990’s Semi Detached Home


Research Project 2018, CITA, KADK 

Boating Office Interiors

Christchurch Dorset 2019

Soft Architecture

Material Research, 2018, CITA, KADK

Millinery Fashion Show

Stockport Manchester 2015

Plexus Robotic Fabrication

Research Project 2017-2019

Quay View

Christchurch Dorset 2017

BEE.GIN Distillery

Upper Brook Street Manchester 2016

Fisherman's Hut

Christchurch Dorset 2020 


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