Why Choose Studio Arkell as Your Architect?

There are lots of businesses unofficially operating under the guise of an architect, but Studio Arkell isn’t one of them. In fact, the title ‘architect’ is protected by law, and can only be used by a business or persons who have the education, training, and experience required to join the Architects Register.


What to Expect When you Choose Studio Arkell

When you first meet with Studio Arkell, it’ll likely be in your home or on site. This is because we find it easier to understand your requirements and then portray what you’re trying to achieve by walking around the space with you.

It’s always helpful to have a clear breakdown of your project. What goals must you absolutely achieve? What would be on your wish-list of what you would like to achieve? And what are the budget constraints for your proposed ideas.

Understanding your preferred aesthetic is a big part of any brief – and something that is really important to us. We encourage you to share your mood boards with us. These can be images cut out of magazines, Pinterest boards, or pictures you have taken of other schemes or developments that appeal to you.

An important and often over-looked element of an initial consultation is that you like us! Working with Studio Arkell Architects is a personal journey, and it’s important that when you undertake this step, you feel that we identify with you and understand both you and your vision.

We'll ask lots of questions and we’ll often make different suggestions, some of which you may not 100% agree with. Always feel free to say so, as this is part of the process of finding out what you do like and what is right for you.

We are transparent with our pricing

When you initially meet us, we'll always explain how we break down the project into various stages of work, as well as how we work out our quotes and charges.

We usually work in three stages:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Planning
  3. Technical Design

At each stage we send a quote, which lists the deliverables for a fixed fee. If you agree with the quote, we’ll ask you to sign the contract and return it to us. Our fees are payable 50% on appointment and 50% on completion of the work in that stage.

Head to our fees page for further information on our fees and fee structures.

We offer additional services

You can choose to continue working with Studio Arkell beyond the three stages mentioned above. Where the scale of the project warrants further oversight, Studio Arkell also offers Project Management services.

We hold additional qualifications to provide Project Management services under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015), which came into force in April 2015.

Trust Studio Arkell

The route of study to become an Architect in the UK is a long one, it takes a minimum of seven years of study before you become a fully qualified Architect. Only then can you apply to be listed by the ARB and register to become a Chartered Architect with RIBA.

As ARB registered & RIBA Chartered Architects, Studio Arkell can help you:

  • Prepare feasibility studies and identify possible constraints
  • Produce conceptual and technical designs
  • Guide you through the planning and building regulations processes
  • Assist with finding and selecting other contractors
  • Manage the contract you have with builders and construction professionals
  • Certify work that has been completed

More About the Architects Registration Board – ARB

The ARB keeps the Architects Register, which is a list of fully qualified architects. Under The Architects Act 1997, the organisation protects the use of the word Architect, prosecuting those who claim to be Architects when they are not.

Hannah Arkell, lead architect at Studio Arkell, has been on the Architects Register with the ARB since 2019.

The Royal Institute of British Architects – RIBA

The Royal Institute of British Architects is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture.

RIBA hold a register of Architects and Architect’s Practices that have been granted Chartered Status. Studio Arkell is a RIBA Chartered Practice.

As a RIBA Chartered Practice, Studio Arkell complies with RIBA’s globally recognised high professional standards, including the commitment to regular and ongoing professional reading and learning within the practice.

Working with an ARB registered Architect and RIBA Chartered Practice gives you peace of mind that you are in well-trained, experienced and competent hands.

To work with Studio Arkell, give us a call on 01202 232423 for a friendly chat about your project!


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