Hannah Arkell Robotic Fabrication, winding natural fibres
Hannah Arkell, principal architect in Porto at ICNF conference 2019


Studio Accomplishments


Prior to founding Studio Arkell, Hannah worked on a wide-ranging array of designs from both small and large, residential schemes, to high-profile, cultural projects in London. In addition to more traditional architecture, the studio is passionate about material research and has designed, built and delivered architectural installations for various and diverse events.



  • Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement (University of Manchester) 
  • Partington Prize for Best Technology Coursework (University of Manchester) 
  • Study Abroad Studentship Leverhulme Trust (Royal Danish Academy of Architecture) 
  • Published Research INFC 2019 (Porto, 2019) 
  • Dorset Venus Business Awards: Business Women of the Future (2012)

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